A simple software tool to migrate physical and virtual machines to AWS and Azure

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Migrate2Iaas Cloudscraper

Cloudscraper is a simple software tool to migrate your servers to Cloud (see the official website). Starting from version 6.6 it’s free to use and open-source.

How it works?

Cloudscraper is installed on a source physical and virtual machine.

Cloudscraper creates a snapshot image of the system, and virtualizes the image.

Then it uploads the image to AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure, or OpenStack cloud, and creates a VM based on the image.

More info

Supported source OS:


Free version for Windows

Free license key file download


Paid support and manual migration services (399$ per ticket, we reply in 3-5 biz days)

Support forum at github (free, no promises)



Source code:

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